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Family-Friendly Luxury Neighbourhoods in Toronto

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Family-Friendly Luxury Neighbourhoods in Toronto

Toronto is Canada’s most desirable place to live.

North America’s fourth-largest city always has plenty of immigrants coming to Canada every year, to plant new roots in the provincial capital.

But while Toronto is perhaps one of the greatest cities in the world, what parts of the major urban centre are attractive luxury neighbourhoods to live in? Indeed, there are many to choose from, be it in the suburbs or midtown Toronto.

So, for families, which Toronto luxury communities are the best? I have put together a guide to help you.

The Most Family-Friendly Luxury Neighbourhoods in Toronto

Here are the seven most family-friendly neighbourhoods in the Toronto luxury real estate market today:

#1 Bedford Park

Bedford Park is located in Central Toronto and is one of the most popular and family-friendly neighbourhoods in Toronto. Families in this neighbourhood have no shortage of outdoor space to engage in recreational activities and family-friendly amenities.

Bedford Park has excellent schools that provide high-quality education to children, easy and accessible public transit, a safe and vibrant community, and numerous family-friendly amenities. Local businesses especially thrive in this area as the number of people visiting Bedford Park during summer and spring is quite high, and retail/local sales can be considerably high during the peak outdoor season.

#2 Davisville

Davisville is another popular neighbourhood in Toronto known for its family-friendly environment. This neighbourhood has several parks and playgrounds, sports facilities, walking trails, excellent schools with outstanding academic programs and extracurricular activities, and many housing options available for families of all sizes, including townhomes, condominiums, and single-family homes. It has plenty of parks and playgrounds, excellent schools, and diverse housing options. Davisville boasts several family-friendly amenities, such as libraries, community centres, local shops, and many restaurants offering different cuisines. The neighbourhood is known to be safe, with excellent public transportation options.

#3 The Beach

The Beach is a family-friendly and trendy neighbourhood in Toronto. As is evident from its name, the area is known for its beautiful sandy beaches. It has an extremely family-friendly vibe with many parks, recreational facilities, and a lovely waterfront. In particular, families can enjoy activities like biking and rollerblading, along with days on the beach and picnics with friends and family. Also, the neighbourhood is known for its charming houses and a very laid-back atmosphere. There are many parks and green spaces here, and the area also offers a variety of housing options and excellent schools. The Beach is also close to downtown Toronto making it easy for families to commute, and the area is well connected to public transit.

#4 Leaside

Leaside is located in East York and is known for its excellent schools, parks, and green spaces. The neighbourhood is known for its strong sense of community and is ideal for families with young children. The traffic in Leaside is much lower than in other areas in Toronto, and the quiet streets are something most families enjoy. It also has a variety of family-friendly amenities, including community centres, pools, skating rinks, sports facilities, and local shops and restaurants.

This neighbourhood is located close to downtown Toronto making it easy for people to commute. Public transportation is also readily available.

#5 Lytton Park

Lytton Park is an affluent, family-friendly neighbourhood, where some of Toronto’s esteemed members of society live. It’s also where you’ll find the finest luxury homes for sale in Toronto.

#6 Lawrence Park

For many, Lawrence Park is the perfect escape to what can be a stressful life in the city. Nestled on gentle, sloping hills, one of the first planned garden suburbs in Toronto offers peace and privacy − plenty of it.

Home in Lawrence Park, Toronto

#7 Summerhill

A leisurely stroll in this established Midtown Toronto neighbourhood takes you through winding, tree-lined streets filled with turn-of-the-century homes marked by distinctive Edwardian and Victorian-style architecture.

Summerhill, Toronto

The area also has an abundance of excellent schools, several parks and playgrounds, local shops and restaurants, and easy and accessible public transport.



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