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About The Bridle Path


Toronto has its fair share of prestigious neighbourhoods, but none can compare to The Bridle Path. Grand estates hide behind its tall, ivy-covered walls and wrought iron gates. To outsiders, this emerald enclave is a place of fantasy and indescribable wealth.

  • Location: The Bridle Path is located in the area formerly known as the Borough of North York.

    A common misconception among the uninitiated is that the neighbourhood is limited to one stretch of road. In reality, The Bridle Path spans the whole area bounded by Bayview Avenue to the west, Windfields Park to the north, Sunnybrook Park to the south, and Edwards Gardens to the east.

  • Transportation: Living in The Bridle Path is advantageous if you frequently travel around the city. Bayview Avenue and Lawrence Avenue, which runs north-south and east-west, respectively, are easily accessible from the neighbourhood.

    Several bus routes also operate in and around The Bridle Path, primarily along Bayview, Lawrence, Leslie, and Park Lane Circle. The nearest subway station is Lawrence Avenue.

  • Who lives here: The Bridle Path is home to Toronto’s crème de la crème. Residents include some of Toronto’s most prominent and established professionals in the field of medicine, business, law, as well as famous celebrities. Celine Dion was one of The Bridle Path’s most well-known residents.

Real Estate in The Bridle Path and Luxury Homes for Sale in Toronto

Luxury properties predominantly make up real estate offerings in The Bridle Path. The neighbourhood is characterized by large plots of land (at least two acres), which gives you room and even creative freedom to build and design your dream home. Some would say that every house in The Bridle Path has its own story and unique look.

This creative freedom has led to an incredible array of architectural styles in The Bridle Path. French Provincial, neoclassical, Georgian, and modern are four of the most popular styles in the area. There are also California bungalows scattered in the neighbourhood, as well as avant-garde designs.

Only single-family homes can be built in The Bridle Path. Most of the older homes have been torn down to give way to grander estates. As for home values, prices vary, but it is common for luxury homes in The Bridle Path to sell for multimillions.

Living in The Bridle Path

  • Exclusivity and seclusion, guaranteed: Old-growth trees and tall walls are not the only things that contribute to The Bridle Path’s air of exclusivity. As you explore the neighbourhood, you will notice that there are only a few roads that pass through the area.
  • Surrounded by parkland: Nature and green spaces both play a role in the beautification of The Bridle Path. There are four sprawling parks that surround the neighbourhood, namely Edwards Gardens, Sunnybrook Park, Wilket Creek Park, and Windfields Park.
  • Toronto’s finest schools: The Bridle Path is also home to some of the city’s best private schools. These include the Toronto French School and Crescent School for boys. Just outside the neighbourhood is Havergal College, an all-girls independent school.

Make Toronto Your Home: Explore Luxury Homes in Toronto

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