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Advantages of Living in the Suburbs That Nobody Talks About

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Advantages of Living in the Suburbs That Nobody Talks About

Every city has a suburb, and these areas have become hotspots during the course of the pandemic – and with good reason. They provide a great balance between the excitement of city living and the peace and quiet to be had out in the outskirts. There are many advantages to living in the suburbs that people know about, like greater affordability in buying or renting, bigger houses, and a close-knit sense of community. But several advantages often get overlooked in comparing the suburbs to the city. Let’s take a look at five of them.

Advantages of Living in the Suburbs

1. You can enjoy a slower pace of life and a healthier lifestyle. While the suburbs still experience rush hour, there is a huge difference coming from the city. Fewer people spread out means that there are fewer crowds. No more bumping into people as you walk down the sidewalk! The suburbs are much quieter, so you’ll have less stress and sleep disturbances from anything going on outside. Finally, living in the suburbs provides a good amount of distance from the workplace, so you can shut down from work mode at the end of each day and enjoy your family and home life.

2. There are more options to be out in nature. Cities have slowly started adding more parks so that office workers can enjoy green space during their lunch break or before and after work. However, you are surrounded by concrete everywhere else, not so in the suburbs. Homeowners landscape their yards to have lawns or gardens, and there is always a park a short walk away. There is less light pollution at night than in the city, so you can stargaze or do other nighttime activities. And without the tall buildings blocking your view, there is a lot more open sky.

3. There is a lot more space. One of the more common advantages of the suburbs is that houses are larger and have more yard space. But that isn’t the only advantage of having more space. In the suburbs, there is plenty of room on the street to park vehicles, a problem that constantly arises in city living. If you have children or dogs, space becomes even more important because they will have plenty of room to run around and play without danger.

4. Easy access to high-quality foods. Cities tend to have a lot of ready-to-eat options, both healthy and unhealthy. But if you want to prepare your own food and maybe even see where it’s grown, then the suburbs offer plenty of grocery options and farmers’ markets, so you can pick up in-season vegetables, check out local vendors, and get to know your community.

4. It’s healthy for the kids. When you look at the different sides of raising children, such as education, social life and just having fun, you’ll find it the suburbs – and then some! Public schools here are highly rated. There are always other kids around to play with, and they can enjoy more independence playing outside since the suburbs are less busy and have a lower crime rate. Finally, the suburbs have plenty of options for getting out and having fun, like going to the pool, heading to the rec centre, or spending a day on biking trails or at the park. And if the mood strikes, it’s always easy to take a trip into the city for some fun.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t any downsides to living in the suburbs, and there are certainly many upsides to living in the big city. Like anywhere, there are going to be good things and bad things, and you need to take time to decide if living in the suburbs is the right choice for your lifestyle. If you are looking for a quieter lifestyle or are work remotely, then the suburbs are a great choice to savour some peace and quiet, spend time with family and enjoy a great quality of life.



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