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3 Keys to Non-Traditional Holiday Decor

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3 Keys to Non-Traditional Holiday Decor

Forget the traditional holiday decorating rules and push yourself to find decor that is new, fresh and fits within your current home decor.

The holidays are a time when sprucing up your home hits an all-time high, but it can be difficult to find festive decorations that match your style. While there is nothing wrong with snowmen, Santa figurines and lots of red and green, it’s OK to think outside the box.

Follow these three tips for a gorgeous yet non-traditional holiday home.

Choose a fresh colour scheme

Who says that holiday decor has to be red and green? Try something new, like neutrals and mixed metallics. Or try unique colour combinations that may not scream holiday, but create a sophisticated celebratory look when used in the right way.

Carry the theme throughout your holiday home with coloured ornaments, pillows and throws.

Surprising colour pairings like this blue woven throw with the red floral pillow really freshen up your decor. But nearly any colour scheme can convey holiday spirit when you bring in shiny ornaments and cozy textures.

Use natural elements

Using natural elements like greenery, pinecones and berries brings in festive charm without feeling cheesy.

Plain garlands are beautiful all on their own! They don’t even need the traditional red bows. Local grocery stores, home improvement stores and farmer’s markets have great selections of natural garlands and wreaths.

For an even more unique holiday look, try magnolia garlands or garlands made from materials other than traditional pine branches.

Think outside the box

Look at materials differently. Find everyday items that, when used in the right way, can be great holiday decor. For example, trims from your local fabric store can make great garlands, on their own or paired with greenery. They will feel new and unique compared to a traditional ornament garland.

Also, experiment with using fabrics and patterns that wouldn’t normally be seen as Christmas. While plaid is a traditional Christmas pattern, pairing it here with a brighter teal napkin feels unexpected.

Mint green plates wouldn’t normally be used for a holiday place setting, but pairing them with gold pinecones and collected tree centrepiece creates a stylish holiday table, ready for entertaining.

Forget the traditional holiday decorating rules and push yourself to find decor that is new, fresh and fits within your home’s current home style. Not only will you end up with a beautiful holiday home, but one that is a complete reflection of you and your family.




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